It’s that time of the year again, HOMECOMING! For starters, the student body and the staff are psyched, and to boost spirit, they prepared a series of attire for spirit week: Monday is Tourist Day, Tuesday is VSCO Day, Wednesday is USA/Hick Day, Thursday is Grade Colors, and Friday is Black and Gold Day. To add to the Tiger spirit, there will be a pep assembly held during WINN on Thursday so students aren’t losing any instructional time, yet still get to join in the festivities. Although the details of the assembly aren’t known to all, it is noted that there will be a variety of mini-games for students to enjoy, including the annual powderpuff game amongst the senior high girls and the “friendly” competitions involving the homecoming court. There is also a rumor about a tug-a-war vs the senior high classes to show off brutal strength and domination. 

This year’s 2019 homecoming court includes Daphne Atkins, Abigail Bakus, Sarah Neely, Maggie Thomas, and Jordan Roser. The males include Clay Cox, Lucas Kennedy, JD McFadden, Joel Ploski, and Weston Schutz. Homecoming prince and king will be announced during the pep assembly, and the princess and queen will be announced during Friday’s game at halftime right before the band’s “hopping” performance. The homecoming dance will take place on the date of Saturday the 14th, beginning at 6:30 and ending at 9:30 pm. This year’s theme is the roaring 20’s, so don’t be a sap, because it’ll be the bee’s knees! The cost of the tickets is only $8 per person if paid ahead of time, or $10 per person when paying at the door. Hopefully the students take advantage of this discount offered during both lunches throughout the week.

Fortunately, last year’s game proved as a victory for Maplewood as the Tigers won against Eisenhower, 31 to 8! Understandably, the coaches don’t plan to change much from last year’s game, but the spectators can expect a lot of scoring on the Tiger’s part, with lots of great defense and a win on Maplewood’s record. This year, our Devilish rivals will have much to fear on Friday the 13th once kickoff erupts at 7pm. The stands will fill quickly since Cambridge and Maplewood are well-known rivals and this is the most anticipated game of the season, so be sure to arrive early to secure your seat and to watch the homecoming court take center stage on the field as the Tigers prepare to charge toward a victory.


-- The Woodshed Word Contributing Writer --

Chad Robey