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Kamala Widdowson, Sophie Varndell, Layla Joseph, and Danielle Richardson 

The Senioritis Section is about everything seniors, and I can't believe I'm one of them! Time really does fly by. 
Seniors can come to this page if they want to know about scholarship opportunities or upcoming deadlines.  Seniors can also check out announcements about the senior class, SAT/ACT/AP test dates, and college tips.  This is also a great spot to check out which seniors are in extracurricular activities, and of course, viewers can also learn all about Homecoming and Prom court here as well!

Attention Seniors 

In need of senior portraits? 
I can help! These are especially important for grad invitations, yearbook, your parents, and everything in between! Contact Kamala Widdowson for a free mini shoot during school, 5 and 6th period! 

Check out my facebook page Expressions of Hope to see more!


Kamala Widdowson

Welcome to the Senioritis page; I'm Kamala! You may recognize me from the sidelines under the Friday night lights or on the court in between quarters. I'm a varsity cheerleader for football and basketball! I'm in journalism, yearbook, and multimedia. I enjoy competing in pageants as well! After high school, I plan on going to the Pittsburgh Art Institute for photography and graphic design! I'm so thankful for my beautiful mother, my little brother Vincent, and my amazing friends Bri, Grace, Layla, Lauryl, and my lil' sweetheart Joshua. Senior year wouldn't be the same without you! Thank you for all the endless support. It's our year!

Preparing Your Parents for your Future 

Your name is called, and you follow a single file line across the stage; you are sweating profusely and quite nervous but very excited. You have been working toward this moment for years, twelve to be exact, and it is finally here. You smile broadly and wave to your mom before you accept your diploma; your mother is crying, her child is now leaving. Graduation is your last stepping stone before adulthood, and your mother is torn at the fact that her child is growing up.

Moving on from high school is a huge transition period and can be very difficult for both parent and child. Sometimes the child is desperate to leave, and their parent holds on too tightly, which seems to be a reversal in roles and a shift of dependence.

Here are some tips to help your parent let go before moving on to adulthood.

  1. If you want to go to the military or college far from home introduce it early. Sometimes people make decisions on a whim, and that is okay, but if possibly give your parents the most notice you can so they can adjust.

  2. Reassurance. Tell your parents that you will call, no matter if you intend to call or not.

  3. If you are the youngest or the only child, convince them to get a companion. Especially if you have a single parent, get them a boyfriend or girlfriend. Convince your parent(s) to get a dog, cat, or some kind of companion so they will not be so alone.

  4. Embrace the technology era we live in. You are always just a facetime away from your mom, dad, gram, or grandpa! We live in a world where the world is at our fingertips, and communication is unavoidable.

  5. Give you parent a keepsake. Maybe it’s a toy you have had since you were a child, or a new chain/piece of matching jewelry. Maybe it is a new picture of you and your mom/dad/grandparents.

The world is big, and soon you will leave the small pond in guys mills and go to a great lake, or maybe even an ocean. As nervous as you may be, your parent/guardian is also just as scared. Moving on to adulthood is a huge adjustment, but if you have a support system and you are a support system, it can make the adjustment a whole lot easier.

Contributing Writer

Layla Joseph

Our Last Homecoming

Homecoming is approaching, so you know what that means! There are so many upcoming events going on in school the next couple weeks. Powderpuff football is always a favorite for our juniors and seniors who take on the freshies and sophomores! Who will you put your bet on this year? Will the freshmores pull through? We’ll find out next week during our homecoming pep assembly on Friday, October 12th! Spirit week starts next week as well! Flyers are posted around the school; make sure to check them out and participate! Our 2018 homecoming court is getting ready for some healthy competition through the tossing of the eggs, climbing into the giant knocker balls to see who can remain on their feet, and finding the bubble gum in a pie of whip cream the quickest, but don’t worry girls, only the guys are ruining their makeup for that one! Later that night, head over to the stands at 6:30 to watch our homecoming court parade across the field in their sweet rides.The football team needs all your support as they take on Eisenhower. Keep your eyes on the players to watch this season: Senior, Cameron Bienio, Senior, Hunter Groger, Senior, Jordan Hollabaugh, Junior, J.D. McFadden, Junior, Bryan Kelly, and Sophomore, Joey King. Instead of running to the concession stands at halftime, stay tuned for the crowning of our homecoming princess and queen! That following Saturday, the 13th is homecoming, the last one for our seniors! Don’t miss the rustic themed dance DJ’d by our own Maplewood staff member and CEO of Millenium Sound, Mr. Mark Eisert. The dance starts 7:00 sharp and ends at 10:00, so get your dancing shoes ready! Homecoming week is a super exciting week and you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun! So get ready and enjoy your 2018 Homecoming week!

  -- Featured Writer --

  Kamala Widdowson

Introducing Our Journalism Seniors

As senior year goes by, many are scrambling to figure out their future plans after high school, but our seniors in journalism are set to go.
​ Starting with our editor, Layla Joseph, 17, plans on attending a university to major in secondary education for English and special education. Her dream is to move west and start a family with her former high school sweetheart.. Yikes. 
Varsity middle hitter, Sophie Varndell, 17, has hopes of continuing her volleyball and academic career at Slippery Rock University. She plans to get a degree in psychology and become a forensic interviewer. She plans to be a hot mom in the future.
Maplewood’s varsity libero, Alma Richardson, better known as Danielle, 17, wants to become a 31 - Kilo Dog Handler in the U.S. army. She wants to get married and start a family with two youngsters running around. 
Tayler Hoover, 17, plans to attend Clarion or Slippery Rock University to major in Business and psychology. Tayler plans to get married, have kids, and hopefully adopt others as well. 
Varsity cheerleader, Kamala Widdowson, 17, has hopes of attending The Pittsburgh Art Institute for either Graphic or Fashion design and Photography. She hopes to continue her photography business, Expressions of Hope. She has hopes of getting married and starting a family.
Varsity midfielder for Maplewood’s soccer team, Kersten Nageotte (not pictured), 17, hopes to attend Slippery Rock University to become a social worker and get her bachelor's degree. She plans to get married, start a family, and have three little boys of her own.

  journalism Seniors                             


  -- Featured Writer --

  Kamala Widdowson


Preparing For Life After High School

Figuring out the next step isn’t easy. Looking ahead trying to picture yourself pursuing your career may be scary for some. You’ve gotten so use to these halls at Maplewood, that it's hard to picture what’s next. Having a plan is important and it will prepare you for years to come. After high school, many students continue their education in college, enter the workforce if they haven't already, or sign themselves up to serve our country.

If you plan to further your education, there are some key things to focus on this year. This includes filing your FAFSA for financial aid. Along with that comes scholarships you’re eligible to apply to, to lessen the cost of your tuition. Check with Mrs. Hornstein and she’ll give you a list of scholarships you’re able to apply to. Apply to as many as possible! The more money you’re awarded, the less you have to come up with in the future. Picking a school is an essential factor to furthering your education beyond high school, whether it's local or you consider it your “reach school”, a decision needs to be made. Try to narrow down your decision by May at the latest.  Do your research and make sure you meet all deadlines required!

If you’ve chosen to enter the workforce straight out of high school, you’re going to have to learn to be independent and responsible. For example, having transportation to and from your workplace is important. You’re going to be employed by someone who counts on you to be at your workplace at a scheduled time. Failure to be responsible will result in consequences and a possibility of losing your job. Being independent is a factor in the workforce as well. You must be able to support yourself, especially if you plan to move out of the house you grew up in. You must be able to get yourself up and on time to work everyday to be successful in the workforce. Being responsible and independent is key.
Serving our country is a brave decision for one who has chosen to do so after high school. There’s not much to say except good luck, god bless and thank you for protecting our country.

  ~ Featured Writer ~
   Kamala  Widdowson