Woodshed Word News 2019-2020

Dealing with Anxiety

Kids of all ages go through a lot of stress daily. Teenagers often face a lot of anxiety at school from teachers, homework, and even fellow peers. Anxiety, no matter the type, can be very overwhelming and no fun to deal with. Despite the effects of it, almost everyone has to find a way to cope with it.
To start, there are multiple forms of anxiety such as social and separation anxiety, panic disorder and specific phobias. There are many other different kinds, but those are just a few examples. According to Dictionary.com, anxiety is defined as, “distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune.” As you can infer from this definition, it is not a pleasant thing to deal with and can be very distracting, especially in school or other public places. “Like other forms of mental illness, they stem from a combination of things, including changes in your brain and environmental stress, and even your genes,” states WebMD. Some types of anxiety may be more severe than others, which may result in some having to take medication to help. If your condition worsens, it might be time to see a doctor. Remember, anxiety is easier to treat early on, rather than later. Be sure to always consult a doctor to find out if you have anxiety, before taking any medication without a prescription.
Anxiety is something you can start to experience as young as three years old. Many children, especially teenagers, suffer anxiety from school-related issues. It is very common to become overwhelmed at school which then leads to worrying and stress. Some things you can do to help anxiety caused by school, are to use your time wisely, lower your standards, and take assignments one by one. You can try organizing your assignments into a planner or a different device to make it easier to track all of your assignments and due dates. If you put all of your work off until the last minute, it is going to result in a lot of stress the night before that is due. While it is still important to relax and take time for yourself, you should take advantage of that free time and work on school work.
Next, lowering your standards can also help reduce anxiety. If you are setting your goals too high, they are going to be harder to achieve with ultimately leads to doubt in self-worth and satisfaction. By lowering your standards, you can achieve them more easily, which can also boost self-esteem, and give you the satisfaction you need to complete other tasks. Taking your work assignments one by one is also a huge step to reducing stress. If you’ve ever had a lot of assignments due and you’re trying to get them all done at once, it can become very overwhelming and confusing. Studies show that tackling your biggest project first can boost your productivity levels and lead you to complete your smaller tasks quickly as well. If none of those options work, you can also seek professional help from therapists or doctors to help you relieve some of your stress, or just let someone know what you’re dealing with. 
Even though anxiety is a very stressful thing, it is normal to feel that way. Know that you are not alone and many people are willing to help you. Remember to stop and take a few deep breaths if you begin to feel overwhelmed, and to take everything one step at a time.

                 -- The Woodshed Word --

                      Contributing Writer

                          Kaitlyn Schutz

Smoking Age

In March 2015, the National Academy of Medicine announced that increasing the national smoking age to 21, a movement called “Tobacco 21”, could decrease the number of deaths of people born between 2000 and 2019 by 223,000 people, and reduce 50,000 cases of lung cancer. On December 20, 2019, US President Donald Trump signed the bill that set this law in place, which took effect immediately. So far, there have been 19 states that have joined the law, and 31 states that are in the process. The bill does not even exempt military members, including them in the new law as well, contradicting popular assumption. 

Studies by the National Academy of Medicine show that about 94% of adults started smoking before age 21, and 81% began smoking before age 18. The argument could be made that it’s just as easy now for underage individuals to purchase cigarettes as it was then, but by raising the age to 21, people in high school won’t be able to purchase them without help. Since it’s uncommon for 21-year-olds to still be in high school, most individuals still in high school now can not purchase them. It worked with the national alcohol age; raising the age reduced the number of kids using it, showing the chances of this new law working are high. The law won’t abolish tobacco companies targeting younger people, but it will help to fight against it.

The new law is set in place in many states, waiting for the rest of the country to follow suit. Its goal is to help and save lives and reduce future health risks in the new and upcoming generations. The bill is to make mostly good, and mainly to harm the tobacco industry to help in the future abolition of it to get rid of the dependence of the drug.

--The Woodshed Word Contributing Writer--

                             Chad Robey

 Winter Driving

It’s about that time of year again where we wake up to a snow-covered winter wonderland. Although the snow is very pretty to look at, it’s not the best condition to be driving in. However, this is where we live and we will have to drive in the winter year after year as long as we’re here. It is very important that drivers start adjusting to the slippery snowy winter roads. 

      There are many tips to keep in mind during the next few months while driving in these harsh conditions. As all of us drivers know, driving slowly and carefully is just a general rule. It is safe to get new winter tires if possible and it is a good idea if your tires are worn down. Be sure to stay extra cautious for the first few snowfalls this season to get back into the feel of things. The more experience you have, the more comfortable you will be driving in the winter. Another thing to keep in mind is to always make smooth movements. Brake and accelerate gently and never be quick to jerk the wheel. If you lose control of your vehicle, don’t panic and try your best to gently get back into place. Be extra aware of vehicles around you as well, because you can not control what they do. It is a smart idea to keep a further distance than normal between your car and other cars to give ample time if a problem were to occur.

     Always be sure to have extra warm clothes and jackets stored in your car as a precautionary measure if you are out on the road longer than anticipated. Prepare yourself before every departure by charging your phone in case of an emergency, checking the weather and potential advisories, and planning accordingly to get to your destination. If need be, leave a couple extra minutes early so that you don’t find yourself rushing and speeding.

Hopefully with these tips and reminders, you will have a safe driving experience this winter.

                  -- The Woodshed Word --

                      Contributing Writer

                         Kimmi O’Rourke

Scooters to the Rescue 

With over one billion cars in the world, it is guaranteed that the environment will be harmed by emissions. No matter how useful cars seem to be, from personal trips to medical transport, they cause great impact to the Earth. Car exhausts emit a range of gases causing problems, such as global warming, acid rain, and harm to human health. They can also cause pollution through fuel and oil spills. Some companies, such as Lime and Bird, are working to create other ways for people in cities to travel. One of these creations is the electric scooters. 

Lime, a United States based car sharing company, says that, “Through the equitable distribution of shared scooters, bikes and transit vehicles, we aim to reduce dependence on personal automobiles for short distance transportation and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.” One of Lime’s main ways that they are trying to reduce car use is through electric scooters. The scooters are placed in various spots around the cities and are app-monitored. CNN states, “The scooters top out at 15 miles per hour. They cost a dollar to rent, 15 cents per minute to ride and use the same lithium ion batteries your phones and tablets do.” This is beneficial for the environment because the Lime-S electric scooters don’t cause emissions so they prevent hazardous problems. Lime had raised over $135 million over the past year and a half through their Lime-S electric scooters, Lime-E electric-assist bikes, and pedal bikes.

Similarly, Bird is another company working to prevent traffic and the excess use of cars. “Bird, currently valued north of $2 billion, was the first electric scooter company to launch…,” mentions TechCrunch. Just like Lime, Bird offers electric scooters and bikes. You can easily access Bird’s types of transportation all around the 120 cities they service. Inc, an American magazine and web company, says that, “…Bird has taken in $415 million in funding; it has the capital to get to many more cities, and fast.” Bird is making history through their efforts to preserve the Earth.

In brief, the two companies, Lime and Bird, are just a few of the companies manufacturing new types of transportation for cities. Over ten companies are working to better traffic and congestion problems in cities, and they have provided over 38.5 million scooter trips to Americans. This conveys how successful these companies really are and how they have the power to transform today’s economy.

-- The Woodshed Word --

Contributing Writer

Kaitlyn Schutz 


Wouldn’t it be interesting to be related to a famous confederate commander? My 5th great grandfather, Robert E. Lee, was a confederate commander in 1862 and historically took part in The Battle Of Bull Run. This battle was marked to be a reason for how the Civil War started. To continue, there are three ways of how to find your relatives that you never knew about. These ways include hiring a professional genealogist, conducting research, or performing DNA tests.

The first way to find who you’re related to is to hire a professional genealogist. A genealogist is someone who helps you trace back your ancestors. They also can research your family lines to find a specific time period or individual. They usually charge $50 to $95 to hire one hourly. To conclude, there are some websites that you can use to apply for a genealogist such as apgen.org and Lineages.com. 

If your first intention isn’t to hire a genealogist, the simplest way is to do some research. Although research may sound easy, it could still be difficult to specifically identify an individual’s location or backgrounds. There are plenty of websites that allow you to find the connection that you’re looking for. Websites such as Ancestry.com can lead you to the research you need. To continue, it is simple as entering your name into the search box and Ancerstry.com will immediately find you matches for any relatives throughout the centuries.

The third and final way to find your relatives is to take DNA tests. Wikipedia claims that “Three principal types of genealogical DNA tests are available, with each looking at a different part of the genome and useful for different types of genealogical research: autosomalmitochondrial (mtDNA), and Y-DNA.” From the examples given, DNA testing can sometimes be complicated. To continue, genetic DNA testing identifies changes in chromosomes, protein, and genes throughout a given time period. This can detect similarities in each of those fields and will conclude who you’re related to.

Finding out that I was related to a Confederate Commander is amazing and if you would like to find out who you’re related to, there a few ways such as hiring a professional genealogist, basic research, and genetic DNA tests.

               -- The Woodshed Word --

                  Contributing Writer

                      Jenna Rubaker

Space Debris

Traveling successfully to space was one of the most challenging things humans have ever done. Everyone was shocked when, Sputnik 1, the first human-made satellite was launched on October 4, 1957, and even more when Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon for the first time, on July 20, 1969. Despite the feat of successfully launching spacecraft into space, some factors can take a toll on accomplishing those goals.
When a Spacecraft is launched into space, it often detaches useless or unneeded parts that then orbit aimlessly around the Earth. These parts range from abandoned launch vehicle stages to mission-related or broken debris. National Geographic states, “Space junk can impact other objects at over 22,300 mph…” From this speed, even a tiny particle of debris can impact a spacecraft, big or small. NASA reports some incidents where spacecraft were hit with debris, causing problems for that device. They stated, “In 1996, a French satellite was hit and damaged by debris from a French rocket that had exploded a decade earlier. On Feb. 10, 2009, a defunct Russian satellite collided with and destroyed a functioning U.S. Iridium commercial satellite…China's 2007 anti-satellite test, which used a missile to destroy an old weather satellite, added more than 3,000 pieces to the debris problem.” As gathered here, space debris is making space missions more and more dangerous as space debris continues to accumulate.
Some companies are finding ways to fix this problem, and one of them being Astroscale. Astroscale, a Japanese-based company, is one of the only companies working to aid in the capture and removal of space debris. According to Astroscale, their mission is to, “Develop innovative technologies, advance the business case and inform the international policies that will lead to reliable and safe orbital debris capture and removal.” Astroscale has been developing a spacecraft, the ELSA-d, at their headquarters located in Tokyo. ELSA-d is supposed to launch on a Soyuz rocket in the mid-2020s.Their intentions with this spacecraft are to attract a piece of debris using a large magnetic plate, then carefully removing it from space so it can no longer be a cause of danger. 
Even though this unusual problem is very dangerous, organizations like Astroscale are making space a little safer every day as they develop, test, and run their machines. If their missions succeed, space could be cleaned almost completely making it a lot cleaner and safer. Our world, and what surrounds it, needs to be highly cared for, for the health and humans and everything else that calls earth it’s home.

--The Woodshed Word Contributing Writer--
                           Kaitlyn Schutz

Tanning Beds

    Tanning beds can be very fun but at the same time, there can be consequences for your body when it comes to tanning. I’ll continue talking about the damages a tanning booth can do to your body, the risk factors, lastly just tips about the tanning booth. 

    Tanning can damage your skin in the following ways such as speeding up visible signs of aging, skin cancer tanning also increases your risk of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Tanning can cause several more problems to the human body like eye problems. The damage from indoor tanning can lead to wrinkles, uneven skin tones and more. As you can see using a tanning bed can cause damage to your body in different ways. 

    You have a greater risk of developing skin cancer if you reveal these following issues. Fair skin, if you have blonde, red, or light brown hair or, blue, green, or gray eyes. If your skin tends to burn before tanning, burning in general when you tan. When you lay in an indoor tanning bed you are being exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Which can be very damaging for your skin. 

    Prepare your skin when you tan with lotion. When using a tanning bed you have to check your side effects for your prescriptions because some medications can increase skin sensitivity when exposed to UV rays. It is important that you wear goggles when you get into a tanning bed. Most people that tan see results within the first few tanning sessions. 

    As you can see tanning can be a high damage activity that you can do to your body/skin. If you’ve ever thought about getting in a tanning bed make sure to use precautions and use the proper stuff to protect yourself. 

The Woodshed Word Contributing Writer

                      --Autumn Hunt--

Microwaves in High School

Many schools put microwaves in their cafeterias, or where it can be accessed, as a privilege to their students. A lot of students here at Maplewood enjoy and take advantage of the three microwaves in the cafeteria. The microwaves are easy to use and let the students bring a more diverse food range. However, can students be trusted to use the microwaves in school?
Starting off with the benefits of microwaves in schools, many kids enjoy the microwaves because it allows them to enjoy many different foods that they have to heat up. Without the microwaves, the food in their lunchbox wouldn’t stay warm, unless it was put in a heat-conserving container, which can take up a lot of space. The microwaves also provide an easy way for students to pack their lunches quickly, which is especially handy for busy students who have other things to prioritize above packing a lunch. Microwaves in school can be a great tool for students to access and can help simplify their busy lives.
As well as advantages, there are almost always disadvantages to everything. The same goes for having microwaves in schools. Starting off, microwaves may not be used correctly, they can be a one-way entry for kids to do irresponsible things, and they can be left caked with food causing more work for faculty members to clean. Also, many problems can occur to any microwave which is a danger to students. Because of these reasons stated here, several schools may decide to not put microwaves in their school.
Microwaves in schools are a great reward for the students and can be very helpful. However, they can also be dangerous if they are not used correctly. If you use the microwaves at lunchtime, make sure to use it correctly and safely, and keep it clean. Microwaves are a privilege to everyone in the school and should be treated nicely.

--The Woodshed Word Contributing Writer--
                            Kaitlyn Schutz

Students in the Workforce (3)

The IU5 organized the third trip for our SIW program on Wednesday, October 23. On this day, we had a half day at a medical facility, and the other half at a manufacturing plant. 

Our group’s first half actually turned out to be the Erie Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital. The group was given a tour around the building. The hospital staff attempted to take us in the blood room, but tests were being upheld, so we were unable. Instead we went to the hearing room, where everyone learned how the tests are conducted daily. The group then was directed to the physical therapy room, where we were shown all the different machinery and equipment they have for retraining veterans muscles and joints. Another staff member explained how rewarding the job is and requirements for the position, which is to earn a bachelor's degree in a health related occupation and achieve a doctor's degree in physical therapy. The student group was directed to a large meeting room, where we were educated about the various roles in the hospital including their security officer who informed us about the daily challenges and ongoing incentives involving the veterans’ struggles and joy. He also told us about how it's training is very similar to a police officer, except the academy is only located in Arkansas, and it takes six months to complete. 

Our other half was at Eriez Magnetics, which is a manufacturing building that makes magnets and machinery to catch metals in food or anything where metal is not permitted. The student group was directed to a large meeting room where we were separated into two groups; one was to stay and learn the roles of some employees, and the other was to tour the building’s work room. Maplewood and Cochranton stayed in the room, and we listened to the workers explain their responsibilities, and what it took to get to that point in their lives, such as the welder, he went to a trade school, which varies the time needed depending on the school. He’s worked there for 17 years prior, and he’s welded many machines for the company, and he is the top welder there. Once the employees were done talking, we were given safety goggles and directed to the work area, which consisted of all the machines. We learned about who the machinist is, and the difference between a machinist and a machine operator. A machinist is someone trained to use and set up all machines. A machine operator is a person who turns the machine on and controls it. The room had people welding metal together, bending the metal, assembling it, and painting. We learned that if the people bending the metal make a mistake on one piece, they scrap the whole set and start over.

On the student trip, we learned about what important jobs there are for anyone, and got to witness the roles and responsibilities of them. The students saw all of the avenues in different fields of work that we could pursue, and know all of the requirements and opportunities there are for the career paths.

-- The Woodshed Word --

Contributing Writer

Chad Robey 

The Triple E Virus

The Triple E, or the Eastern Equine Encephalitis, virus has been sweeping through states and worrying many people. The disease, most common in the eastern states, is a rare cause of brain infections caused by an illness carried by mosquitoes, mainly to horses and humans. The Time, a web news site, stated this, “But so far this year about 30 cases have been reported nationwide, and a pair of deaths this week brings the number of 2019 EEE fatalities up to 11…” This research concludes that 2019 is one of the worst years in history for the virus. Luckily, the EEE virus isn’t that common to get, but the numbers continue to rise every day, making the virus more likely to obtain. The Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, says, “Signs and symptoms in encephalitic patients are fever, headache, irritability, restlessness, drowsiness, vomiting…” The symptoms displayed by the EEE virus are similar to those of the flu, so take extra caution if you start to feel under the weather. The CDC also goes on to say, “Approximately a third of all people with EEE die from the disease. Death usually occurs 2 to 10 days after onset of symptoms but can occur much later.” So, if you do start to feel sick, be sure to see a doctor just to make sure you aren’t infected by the EEE virus.
    Continuing, many people are frightened because of the disease and worried that they might obtain it. However, there are many things that can be done to prevent the EEE virus from infecting more people. One thing that can be done is to use bug repellant at night if you are going to be outside and to make sure that your window and door screens are in good shape. This can prevent mosquitoes from getting into your house. Another thing you can do is avoid letting water collect in places such as plants, and dishes because mosquitoes are attracted to still water. If you take the time to adapt these things into your daily life, it can help prevent the virus from infecting you.
    In conclusion, the number of those infected by the disease are rising every day. Be sure to follow the tips on how to prevent the EEE virus in order to stay safe, and take extra caution at night during the summer, because that’s when most mosquitoes are out. Remember that the EEE virus is harmful, and should be dealt with in a serious manner.

-- The Woodshed Word --

Contributing Writer

Kaitlyn Schutz

Students in the Workforce (2)

With the colors changing and the weather cooling, the Northwest Tri County Intermediate Unit 5 held their second adventure on Friday, October 11, at Edinboro University. This excursion was a chance for SIW students to tour the campus, exploring the different programs that Edinboro provides, with a heavy focus on their medical field and art department. Coincidentally, the week of the tour was actually marking Edinboro’s 100th year for the art program so they proudly displayed various works of art all around the campus for our visual enjoyment.

Students taking part in Students in the Workforce (SIW) were seated in a room where three speakers presented aspects of their fields of teaching, answering all of the questions directed to them. SIW students learned about the medical field, specifically regarding the lack of enrollment within the nursing program, and the increased need for nurses in the country. Students also learned about the STEM program that Edinboro provides, and how amazing the pay is for anyone desiring that field of work. Many were surprised to learn about all of the opportunities in the STEM fields, and how many jobs truly fall under this category. 

The SIW students, of course, indulged in a one-hour eating fest at the campus food court, providing endless choices in which to please the taste buds. As the Maplewood students were binging, they were graced with the presence of Woodshed alumni Jennifer Chamberlain, who is currently enrolled within the art program. She chatted with them about the school, and what it is like to take classes there.  She claims it is by far a different experience than her high school years and students must be ready to be self-sufficient and personally motivated since you are essentially on your own in many aspects.

When everyone was done and situated, they were directed outside,  and greeted by Edinboro students who were tour guides for the afternoon portion. They took the high schoolers around, highlighting the various buildings on campus and the history to go along with them all. The library was a tall, eight-story building, and the first three floors were filled with food vendors, with the next five structures being for research or recreational use. We got to go through the Edinboro University skywalk as well, which was quite an enjoyable experience. All of the students were then taken to the dormitories to see what this type of lifestyle offered.

Overall, the Edinboro trip was an eye-opening experience where students were not only able to speak one-on-one with college instructors who gave valuable advice, but this was also an opportunity for those taking part to continue to pave the path for their future.


-- The Woodshed Word --

Contributing Writer

Chad Robey 

Mrs. Hornstein

Senior Year Focus

Hopefully senioritis hasn’t kicked in quite yet for you seniors because there are many things you should be focusing on throughout this school year to prepare for your future after graduation. No matter what your plans may be, I have some tips to help prepare your chosen path.

For anyone planning on furthering your education, make sure you start looking at schools and making lists of colleges, universities, tech and trade schools that interest you. If you haven’t already, start planning on campus visits as well. You can start the application process too and it’s recommended you have those done by Thanksgiving break. Each school has a different deadline, so be sure to research when to have everything done just to be safe. Many of you will need to take your SAT if you haven’t done so already, so please be on the lookout for upcoming test dates and locations. If anyone is interested in retaking the test during this fall to improve your score, see Mrs. Hornstein for more information. Scholarships are going to be available soon. Mrs. Hornstein will be giving information about local scholarships and there are other national scholarships you can be researching on your own. If any of you need letters of recommendation from teachers, please give an advanced notice of about one week to ten days. Last but not least, you can be looking around for job shadowing opportunities. For any further questions, there are many staff members who will be willing to give you any tips or advice, so branch out and start asking around.

Students who are interested in going into the military, there are some tips for you too. It is a good idea to start meeting with recruiters as soon as possible. Recruiters will guide you through everything you need to know and help you focus on which branch to pick and what jobs to look for. If you need more information, there is a list of recruiters you can choose from to talk to in the guidance office. There will also be many upcoming dates where recruiters will be here to talk to anyone interested in the military, so be sure to take advantage of those opportunities. ASVABS scores should be reviewed and anyone who is looking to retake the test this November to improve their score, needs to see Mrs. Hornstein as soon as possible to sign up. Look at websites, careers, and research any further information if you have free time to help give you an idea of what you’d be interested in doing if you don’t already have a plan.

For those of you who would like to immediately start collecting a paycheck upon graduation, it would be a good idea to start looking for part-time work right now if your schedule allows. If co-op is something that would interest you during the school year, it isn’t too late to start the process if you already have a job lined up. Start networking with friends and families to possibly find a job as well. Make sure you prepare yourself to get to your job whether it is securing transportation or just preparing yourself for the work life, like waking up early and working long hours. You will need your resume that you make in English this upcoming year, so take it seriously and invest your time and effort wisely.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks in surviving your senior year.

-- The Woodshed Word Contributor --

                  Kimmi O’Rourke 




Although none may know of the job, hot shotting started in the 1980s and has become a rapidly growing career. Hotshotting is considered the minutemen of trucking, as it's generally driving smaller loads to accessible locations, like super-duty trucks hauling construction materials, heavy equipment, machinery, or farm equipment. Load destinations vary from 50 miles away to across the country, but more often they are local. Unlike normal trucking, this job does not require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), as you typically haul loads weighing less than 10,000 pounds.

There are many perks to doing this rather than the standard trucking, such as starting up. It’s considerably more affordable and because of this, it’s easier to get it started sooner. Due to not needing a CDL, you don't have to take the time to study and take as long to start your driving. Since the loads are smaller, you are home more often to be with family and/or friends. It also is a great way to get experience and observe if you’d want to consider getting a semi.

Since the loads are smaller, money tends to be less than that of a normal trucker. They also have to pay maintenance fees, cargo insurance, and commercial liability. That doesn’t seem like much but also count in tax rates on all your income, which could go up to 25% of your gross. Because of all this, you shouldn’t deadhead (travel back without a load), as you will find you spend more than you earn, which quickly drains your money.

Hotshotting may not be for everyone, but some may like to experience this opportunity and try new things. If you are thinking about going into this business, it's one of the country’s most rapidly growing careers, and it's worth your time to at least give it a shot to see if you’d like doing this job. 

   -- The Woodshed Word Contributor--

                          Chad Robey

MHS Library Renovations

Notice anything new at our school? It’s more than obvious that we have a new and improved library. Over summer vacation, the school has remodeled our library, in the hopes that more students will come to use it.

Right away, many students notice a new span of carpet resembling a sky blue oak paneling and many pieces of furniture more suitable for student comfort. Everything in the library was enhanced, from tables to the wall color. The couches and tables are so much bigger than before and everything is rearranged. Mrs.Rose suggests everyone to go down there and check it out.

Another change this year in addition to the library arrangements is Mrs. Rose’s schedule this year.  MHS is fortunate to have her in our building every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. She is at MES on Mondays and Fridays. Mrs. Rose states that the best time to come down to the library is on Wednesday and Thursday mornings before school begins.  Student can also visit the library during “lunch plus time”. Tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders have access during “lunch plus” on Wednesdays, while seventh, eighth, and ninth graders can visit during “lunch plus” on Thursdays. Students will also be able to experience the library during WINN times when eligible.  More details on that will be forthcoming. 

There are so many new goals that are needed to be reached this year amongst all of these changes. The librarian is trying to get as many students to read books and enjoy the new library! Mrs. Rose also wants to have students come down to work on projects consistently to enjoy this spectacular new space. Many students are asking questions about the new coffee bar, so these details will be shared with the public as soon as possible.  If you have any questions about our new library, be sure to ask Mrs. Rose. Mrs. Rose also wants to give a shoutout to Mrs. Howick for putting so much time and energy into creating this wonderful space.

-- Woodshed Word Contributor --

              Alexis Rodgers 

Daylight Savings

It’s that time of year again. Daylight Saving Time has just past on November 3rd when many people enjoyed an extra hour of sleep. Daylight Saving Time, or DST, is used to gain an extra hour of light during the evening. Every year on the 10th of March, at two o’clock in the morning, the clocks are moved forward one hour resulting in the start of DST. Then, on the 3rd of November, the clocks are changed back one hour for the end of Daylight Saving Time. Even though it was only put into effect not too long ago, the concept has been around much longer.
The first idea of daylight savings time dates back to 1784 when Benjamin Franklin thought that people could use fewer candles if it was lighter outside. Daylight savings time was then used over a century later so military troops could use less artificial lighting. CNN states that, “...the US didn't standardize the system until 1966 when it passed the Uniform Time Act.” The official DST times were set by former President, Lyndon Johnson, but weren’t put into effect until 2007. Now, the times run from March to November, as opposed to when it used to run from April to October. 
Over seventy countries, mainly in North America and Europe, partake in Daylight Saving Time every year, with an exception to a few states and countries. Sleep.org, by the National Sleep Foundation, stated that “Daylight Saving Time is not observed in Hawaii or Arizona…and it’s also skipped in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. When it comes to the rest of the world, it’s a mix.” Most of Africa and Asia, do not “save time” during daylight savings, either. Only about 70 percent of the world observes Daylight Saving Time.
Even though the system may be confusing for some people and may not make much sense, it is now normalized in most of the countries that adhere to it. Just remember, to spring forward one hour in the springtime, and fall back one hour in the fall.

-- The Woodshed Word Contributing Writer --
Kaitlyn Schutz

Students in the Workforce 

The Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit 5, commonly known as the IU5, began their program called “Student in the Workplace” (SIW) where they included selected students from a few local schools to participate in “real world” experiences to gain valuable skills for the workforce and beyond. I, Chad Robey, was fortunate to represent Maplewood on this first outing, and I want to share my adventure with all you, Tigers.

On September 18th, Mr. Eisert was captain of our school van as he drove Kelis Joliet, Kaleb Donor, Nick Thomas-Brandenburg, Aurora LaLonde, and myself to the Millcreek Mall. Upon converging in the conference room with another local school, we heard our goal for the day and it was rather simple: we had one hour to go to nine of the twelve stores listed on the paper, ranging from large stores like Boscovs, to smaller ones like Build-a-Bear. We were to ask an employee his role, his greatest responsibility, and some essential skills for the job. We also had to find out one thing that he learned on the job that he had wished he had learned in high school. Surprisingly, most of the employees said that they wished that school had taught them real-life skills, such as learning to do taxes, managing personal credit, and utilizing time management. 

After we met our goal, and discussed the results of our interviews, we then continued the portion of the program where they outfit all of us students with a brand new business suit and accessories. JC Penny had employees assisting us with our outfitting, to make sure we all got the proper measurements and styles. The employees seemed very psyched about this, as they all enjoyed matching the clothing and seeing all the customers’ needs being met. These provided suits will be worn during out next adventure planned for October 11th where we will be traveling to Edinboro University. Once the outfitting was done, we proceeded to the food court where lunch was provided which was Joliet’s highlight of the day.  

After thanking the Millcreek and IU5 representatives, we traveled back to our home schools while our energy buzzed about the day’s activities.  We were all thankful for this experience since it got all of us thinking about the requirements and skills needed for the workforce. Fortunately for our MHS students, we have various classes, such as statistics, economics, and independent living where we are gaining these valuable skills that will help us succeed in all areas of our lives.  

As SIW continues, I am hoping to learn more about the world around me, and I will continue to pass on this valuable information to the entirety of the student body here at MHS.

-- The Woodshed Word Contributor --

             Chad Robey 

Hurricane Dorian

A few weeks ago, you may remember hearing about hurricane Dorian. Sadly, it was certainly the most powerful hurricane to ever hit the United States. This hurricane left a lot of damage toward the citizens and the landscape, and we are all affected by its aftermath even though we may live hundreds of miles from the storm’s path.

On August 26-28, 2019, a hurricane was formed and it was predicted to move up the east coast of the United States at about 180 mph. Atlantic hurricane season is a dramatic time for all citizens and at this time, Dorian was born. This hurricane did it’s best work in the morning and during the day. Imagine around 30 hours of horrific rainfall and watching your home life vanish. Unfortunately, this left thousands homeless. Because of this, both The American Red Cross and The Support Team Rubicon are currently helping people to build up and salvage those in need.

For all those with curious minds, there is an explanation of how this hurricane started. It’s when moisture evaporates into the atmosphere and eventually grows into a humongous cloud of heated air that swirls and it then creates a hurricane. The direction the hurricane is moving depends on the environmental wind field that surrounds the earth; this led for Dorian to climb up against the United State. The statement, “ Warmer waters have made the speed at which hurricanes intensify in strength faster in the recent years.” Rick Scott from The Guardians confirms that the reason the hurricanes occur more often is that global warming is taking part in the 21st century.

This hurricane was incredibly strong ranking 5. The strong rain falls destroyed places such as the Bahamas, Abaco Island, and the south eastern part of the United States coasts. The destruction from the hurricane caused these beautiful places to accumulated about 7 billion dollars in damage and left 70,000 homeless. To continue, the United States is helping those states and countries that were hit by Dorian. 

Although this hurricane is the strongest hurricane to hit the United States, we can try our hardest to help others and put our hearts out there for those in need. To conclude, you can donate to the following places such as Salvation Army, Americares, Mercy Corps, and the National Association of the Bahamas.

Website Sources include: nymag.com and theguardian.com   

  -- The Woodshed Word Contributor --

                Jenna Rubaker           


Piercing Protocol

Ever thought of adding a little bling to your skin?  Well, although piercings add a quick addition of self-expression and artistic attraction, there are many things to keep in mind to remain safe with your choices.

For starters, to clean a piercing, you have to have saline solution. Take a Q-tip and put saline on it. Then rub the holes where your body was pierced to get any infections or bacteria off. Rub your piercing gently with this process for the first couple days. However, for mouth piercings, such as tongue, lips, and cheeks, you have to use a yellow mouth wash only to clean them. When you have a mouth piercing, you have to be careful with chewing any food because it can become very uncomfortable the first couple days of having your piercing. 

Not taking care of a piercing can become painful if it becomes infected. If your piercing gets to the point of being infected, your best option would be to take it out completely and let it heal up. There are many signs to an infected piercing, such as redness around the piercing, swelling and tenderness around the hole of your piercing. In more severe cases, your piercing could have fluid drainage and crusting around the hole. If your piercing becomes infected, wash your hands before touching it because it can cause bacteria and make it even more infected. It’ll take one to two weeks for your piercing to heal if removed because of the infection.  

It’s important to be aware of several other issues when considering piercings as well. For starters, it is highly possible to spread and receive an infection if the piercing equipment hasn’t been sterilized properly. Never get a piercing if it the equipment is not sterilized first. If the tattoo shop where you get your piercing uses a gun for your body piercings, leave immediately! Piercing guns cannot be sterilized and should not be used for body piercings. In most cases, bleeding will occur after the piercing process. You can also have an allergic reaction to the kind of jewelry used. Sometimes metal jewelry can chip your teeth if you have a mouth piercing; it can also damage your gums. Remember to stay away from strong soaps and peroxide. Do not use peroxide to clean your piercing since it can dry out the skin and break down tissue.

In conclusion, these are just a few things to keep in mind when deciding to embellish your canvas of skin.  Of course, there are many other do’s and don’ts to take to heart before piercing your body, so make sure you are fully informed on this topic before you plunge into this artistic world.  And dependent on your age, make sure you have parental permission before you make any radical changes.

The idea of artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, dating back to the ancient Greeks. However, the term “Artificial Intelligence” was officially founded in 1956, at a conference at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. There are two types of artificial intelligence or AI. Narrow AI is designed to perform a simple task, while general AI, or AGI, which is designed to execute larger tasks. Future Of Life states, “While narrow AI may outperform humans at whatever its specific task is, like playing chess or solving equations, AGI would outperform humans at nearly every cognitive task.” As you can see, scientists arrange to design AI that is very advanced and complicated. 
AI can be very helpful in some ways, hence the reason why it was created. “The smartphone is a …everyday example of how we use AI. We are also hitting the road for long drives and trips with the help of GPS. In utilities, we find that they can predict what we are going to type and correct the spellings. That is machine intelligence at work.” Says Towards Data Science. All of these things were designed to make our lives a little bit easier and more efficient. More accurate weather predictions, quicker manufacturing, and even predicting and preventing natural disasters are a few more things AI has been designed to do.
Despite all the benefits of AI, like almost everything, it has its disadvantages as well. Some of these include high costs, lower employment rates, and inaccuracy. AI is very detailed and complicated, which can be very time consuming and costly. Plus, on a more serious factor, AI has the risk of “taking over” humanity. “Such a scenario has inspired lots of Hollywood productions. Although it is quite an exaggeration to believe that computers will become our enemies, it is more reasonable to fear situations where we can’t explain the reasons behind the decisions machines are making.” Says Daytradingz. As you can see, there are also some concerns we must take into account upon further developing artificial intelligence.
Despite the disadvantages of AI, it is still believed to be one of the greatest creations of all time. AI has so much to offer and it very helpful for everyday human life. AI covers a wide variety of topics from high-tech machinery to “intelligent assistants” built into smart devices that let you access the internet with the sound of your voice. AI is all around us and is continuing to be improved, and enhanced every day.

-- Woodshed Word Contributing Writer--

                           Kaitlyn Schutz

Christmas Activities

It is the most wonderful time of the year! December is here and Christmas is right around the corner. There are so many fun activities and traditions to participate in with friends and family during the holidays. This is a time to enjoy and spend quality time with the people you love. It is very common to do Christmas themed activities around this time to get into the holiday spirit. I am going to share with you some fun things my family and friends like to do for fun and more!

Every year at the beginning of December, my family and I set up and decorate our Christmas tree and around the house as well. My mom likes to go all out on Christmas decorations because it is all of our favorite holiday. We try to do as many activities as we can and make lots of good food and drinks. My mom, sister, and I bake so many yummy Christmas cookies, brownies, fudge, and more sweet snacks. My favorite cookies by far are peanut blossoms with Hershey kisses and we like to make them with Reese's cups too. My step-dad’s thing every year is making the eggnog. A couple of years ago was his first time making it and every year it gets better and better. I can’t wait to taste it this year during our family dinner on Christmas day! 

Another thing my family enjoys doing is seeing beautiful Christmas lights. One year my mom found a Christmas light show for us to go to and it was so fun! It is a huge set up of magical dancing Christmas lights that you drive through and the music that you put on the radio goes with the lights. It is a very cool experience and my family goes every year now. We also love to watch many Christmas movies together and spend time outside with our snow-loving pups while they play their hearts out.

There are so many more fun activities to do around this time of the year like ice skating, decorating gingerbread houses, and Christmas photoshoots with friends, family, or your significant other. I always loved making crafts as I was growing up and there are so many cute craft ideas that are perfect to do at any age. There are crafts for kids, crafts to make for your house, and even crafts to make as a perfect homemade gift for someone. Although it is cold, you can bundle up and play in the snow. Sled-riding, snowball fights, skiing, and tubing are very popular winter activities that many enjoy. A nice warm cup of hot chocolate after a day outside in the cold is a perfect way to cozy up and get warm. Another cool idea is starting a new Christmas trend with your family that you can enjoy every year, and it will be your own!

Christmas is a wonderful holiday filled with so much love, joy, and fun activities. If there is ever a time when you’re bored and want something to do, it’s never a bad idea to do a Christmas activity. Try something new this year, you may find something you love doing! Enjoy the holiday and make the most out of it!


-- The Woodshed Word --

Contributing Writer

Kimmi O’Rourke 

Unusual Occupations 

When most people think of occupations, they probably think of common ones such as doctors, lawyers, teachers and so on. Some people’s days, however, are spent doing other, stranger jobs such as, acupuncture, video game design, and even being a professional bridesmaid. Despite the unpopularity of these jobs, some people still rely on them for a source of income and dedicate their lives to it.

One person who runs a rather unusual job is Steven Schutz. He owns and runs Northwest PA Burial Service. The family burial service was passed down from his father, Kenneth Schutz after he retired. Steven said that he “builds vaults for local funeral homes, and takes care of everything in the cemetery that is needed for a funeral.” Even though running a burial service isn’t that rare, it is uncommon, Steven said that he can earn a strange stare when he brings up his job to new people. Running any business can get extremely stressful, especially if you’re in charge of the book work like Steve’s wife, Jamie. She takes care of most of the payments, orders, and much more. Steven said that his favorite part about his job is, “summertime because the weather is nice and you get to be outside in nature.” It is a plus when the weather is nice because a large majority of his day is spent outside, or at a cemetery. He said, “My least favorite part is working weekends, and winter because of the bad road conditions.” It can be very dangerous driving big trucks around the icy roads, so the men have to be very cautious when driving during the wintertime. As for weekends, most of the workers have that time off, but sometimes Steven has to sacrifice some of his weekends to finish some pending work at his shop. Despite working weekends, most of Steven’s workers work eight hour days, making sure they get everything they need to do, done within that day.

As you can see, running your own business can be very difficult, stressful, and time-consuming, however, Steven Schutz, his workers, and his wife work hard to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

-- The Woodshed Word -- 

Contributing Writer 

Kaitlyn Schutz

New Things At MHS

Although there may not be any new faces among the teaching staff this year, there are several changes among their departments and within their curriculum. For example, there are changes among the rotations offered and some of the available electives. It is also obvious that the schedules within the school day have changed a bit too. Some may be wondering if the changes this year are temporary, and yes, some of them may be temporary because we are on a trial run to see if everything works out properly.

To start with, MHS had to say goodbye to the beloved Mrs. Zurasky since she retired at the end of the school year. Although we can never truly fill her shoes, stepping up to the field this year is our very own Mr. Borkovich. In response to how he is adjusting to this major change  he replied, “it is different but it's also good…I like that I’m in one classroom instead of bouncing all around.” Another change this year is within the English department since Mr. Bailey is now teaching Reading Reinforcement at the junior high level. He states, “I find teaching Reading Reinforcement a definite challenge.  It is so crucial to help struggling readers to attain a higher level of reading ability.” True, you need to be able to read some things to get a good job in the future. Mr. Bailey continues by stressing that, “It is very difficult to succeed in our culture without being able to read, interact with, and comprehend written text."

As many already know, Mr. Gardener and Mrs. Rose go back and forth from the elementary and high school. However, their schedules have altered a bit. Mrs. Rose’s new schedule is that she’s at the elementary on Mondays and Fridays, but then is at the high school Tuesdays to Thursdays. She states that this “ gives more opportunities for the teachers to bring their  students to get books to help them in that class. “ I think it's too early in the school year to decide if the rotations are a good thing…possibly a good opportunities for them.” Mr. Gardener claims. The teachers who stay at the high school think that, ”...it's a big adjustment for everyone, especially for the seventh graders who are just coming up to the high school, and for others… they believe that the block periods with the eighty-five minute classes will help with projects and or other things that need to get done…you also don’t need to split up the projects that do take more time than others…” Many staff members voiced their opinions about the differences this year. 

-- Woodshed Word Contributors --

Kyra Hoan & Dakota Thompson 

Block Schedules

Block schedules are becoming more and more popular all around. Maplewood was introduced to a partial block schedule this school year. There are most definitely good and bad things about block scheduling and everyone feels a different way about them for their reasons. 
         Block scheduling is said to be a great way to increase instruction time in the classroom and help students focus more on their studies. It provides more time for students to accomplish things and provides teachers more time to teach everything they need to. Mrs. Casey expressed, “I absolutely love it. I wish it were more consistent, like having them every other day rather than two days a week. I feel like I'm running out of time with my kids even on block schedule days.” Miss Chase said, “I love the block schedule. I’m able to do all different types of activities with my students that I was never able to do before. It seems like kids are enjoying doing math now rather than just worksheets for homework because that’s all there used to be time for.”
On the other hand, block schedules aren’t for everyone and some people have a difficult time adjusting to change. Researchers say that block scheduling can be ineffective too. Some students can not focus on one thing for long periods of time and need to switch classes and topics. It’s very easy for students to lose continuity on the days that they don’t have a class. Also, if you are to miss a day where we have block scheduling, that is equivalent to missing two classes because of the extended time that day which is just harder on the student. Senior, Sarah Neely stated, “There are definitely parts of the block scheduling that are beneficial. I think that there should be a full block schedule rather than a partial one though. I like how they give more of a chance to do stuff in class and make it so there is not as much homework for kids. It’s also better for kids with harder schedules too. Sometimes, depending on what we’re doing, they can be boring.” Ryan Robinson, a seventh-grader, said: “Block schedule days feel so long and I don’t really like them.”  
Personally, I love the block schedule. I feel like they make the days go by much faster and the week as a whole too. I have lots of extra time which I never had before. I can get most, if not all, of my work done without having to bring any home. I like the extended time because everything is at a slower pace now and I don’t feel rushed in my classes. I have more time to focus and learn. Additionally, block schedule days are good for me because I can manage my time more efficiently now. It was definitely a change to get used to, but I caught on quick and really appreciate the block schedule. I wish we had these a few years ago rather than just my last year here, but I’m glad I got at last one year to have them. 
       Clearly, there are many different viewpoints and opinions on block schedules. Everything depends on how students prefer to learn and how teachers prefer to teach.

     -- The Woodshed Word Contributor --

                         Kimmi O'Rourke

Soccer and Speed

With school starting, and fall quickly approaching, many sports are starting up again, as well. A couple of those sports include our very own girls soccer team and cross country team. Starting with soccer, sophomore McKenzie Means, said her “goal for the season is to improve and surpass (her) last year’s goal count of sixteen. (She) can achieve this goal by practicing and improving (her) precision and aim at the goal.” McKenzie said that she is looking forward to improving her team as a whole, and understanding the different skills used to win. Her advice to other girls considering joining next year would be to go a little easier on yourself because, “you aren’t going to become Ronaldo in one day, but if you practice and have the willpower to continue, you will develop a set of skills needed to become a fantastic soccer player.” McKenzie is very dedicated to the sport and pushes herself to do better at each game. 

A soccer player who truly pushes herself time and time again, Jordyn Ploski, states that she hopes her team, “will advance farther into the playoffs than (they) did last year, and (she) hope(s) to score more goals this year, now that (she’s) playing midfield and not defense.” Jordyn said that her team can achieve these goals by practicing a lot together, becoming  more aggressive and being motivated. Jordyn seemed excited about this season because she is eager to get to know the team better and see their improvement throughout the season. Her advice for girls thinking about joining the team is to just try soccer out. She states, “We have a lot of fun at practice and get along.” 

Also running toward wins this season is our cross country team coached by Matthew McClellan, who is very dedicated, making sure his students are always performing to the best of their ability. The major change of this season’s team is that many seventh graders joined the team. Even though it may seem difficult to have a lot of new runners, McClellan said that they are a very teachable group, and they are very determined and hardworking. A couple things McClellan looks forward to this season include seeing how the team improves and witnessing his team’s goal of making it to states. He stated that even with the amount of new runners that joined the team, there is room for more people to join if they are thinking about joining a new sport.

Not new to the sport this year, is sophomore Lisa Prenatt,  who joined the sport back in seventh grade. She joined the team because she showed an interest in running and enjoyed it. She also became friends with many people from the team. Her goal for this year is “to get in the lower twenties for a 5K.” Lisa strives to complete this goal by trying her hardest at practice and having the right attitude to achieve success. She said that she is most excited about regions, because she wants to see how the team places and how they improve.

Another returning varsity runner, Walker Wheeling, declares that his goals for 2019 are to place at districts, regions, and states. He can accomplish these goals by practicing hard and aiming to be the best runner he can. His highlights from this year and past years are running home course and competing against other great runners at districts and regions. Some of the cross country team’s strengths that Walker noted are that jr. high runners are fantastic early in the season, and even though the team has some challenges to overcome, such as losing last year’s seniors, Walker stated that they all have untapped potential that can really assist them this year.

Additionally, Brooke Jackowski, another varsity runner with speed, shares that her leading goal for this year is to get her final times lower than last year. She mentioned that her main highlight for the seasons is the races. Knowing that everyone has a chance at placing first really helps the runners do their best. Brooke said that the team’s strengths are that they all get along and work well together.

Whether running on rugged cross country trails or running on grassy field, our athletes are sure to shine this season. Try to witness some spectacular sportsmanship as the season continues for these fall athletes. 

-- The Woodshed Word Contributor --

                   Kaitlyn Schutz


Keeping Colds at Bay

Do you want to stay away from the common cold? Well of course, we all do! However, colds are all too common here at MHS. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid becoming its next victim. First of all, students must always wash their hands really well, get enough sleep, and always take medicine at the first sign of a cold to help minimize the symptoms. Colds can spread extremely fast, so it is important we protect ourselves.

As mentioned, you should always wash your hands after using the restroom, touching books and public surfaces, other people’s belongings, and while playing sports. Hand hygiene and hygiene in general, are really important when it comes to avoid getting sick. Here are some great steps on how to properly wash your hands; use warm water, and scrub your hands, wrists, in between your fingers, the back of your hands and under your fingernails. Make sure to use soap in this process and then rinse very well. Adopting this habit can play a major role in your health, and avoid the viruses. 

Sleep is very important to your health wether you think it or not. For the most part, having good rest can help clear up your sickness and help you heal faster. It is required by the doctors that your bodies needs 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Sleep helps boost the immune system and it attacks all of the unwanted viruses. So if you were recently sick, know that you should consider a strict sleeping schedule.

If you are starting to feel slightly ill and you start having symptoms of catching a cold, make sure to take proper medicine. For example, you could take ibuprofen for pain, Robitusson, Musinex, and all of those other foul tasting medicines that help. Make sure you take the proper time, such as daytime or nighttime, so you don’t end up sleeping in class or at work; that’s a chance of failing and getting fired. Medicine is useful to take while having symptoms because it will only get worse if you don’t.

So now that you know that washing your hands properly, abiding by a strict sleep schedule, and taking medicine symptoms arise, can help you overcome sickness, you should consider these three things as tips. 

-- The Woodshed Word Contributor --                               Alexis Rogers

Foster Family Photo

Fostering Love 

Foster care is one thing many people want to get involved in, but never take any steps toward completing their goal. First off, if you want to start fostering children, you have to know what it is. The word foster means to bring up (a child that is not your own), and care means providing what is necessary for the health and protection individuals or something. So, together, foster care means to bring up someone by providing health and protection to him or her. 

Jamie Schutz and her family started foster care around a year ago, and said, “I really wasn’t confident. I had a lot of misgivings and insecurities about it, even to the point of almost backing out of it. It’s scary to do something new, especially if it’s so unknown.” Even though she had a lot of doubts, Jamie and her family knew that they had to start foster care. She expressed that she, “just really felt like it was something we were supposed to do. We have a lot to offer children, and we are in a good place as far as our own kids’ ages, and I just felt like it was the next ministry that I needed to be a part of.” Jamie said that her “favorite part of foster care is seeing how much (her) family really loves the whole process. It’s really become a family thing that we do together.” When asked about her advice for people who want to start fostering, she said, “Foster care will not be as scary as what you think it is, and I definitely recommend doing it because there’s so many kids and there’s so much support for foster families.”

Your actions can greatly impact and benefit children and help them to escape from their issues, and provide much needed care for them. Although becoming part of the foster care system may seem like a lot of work, it pays off in the end when you get to experience the child’s attitude and personality blossoming through your care and dedication. If you stick through the whole process, you will definitely not regret all the work required for starting foster care.

-- The Woodshed Word Contributor --

                       Kaitlyn Schutz 

Homecoming 2019 here at Maplewood High School was a success! All the students did an excellent job showing their school spirit during the week dressing up as hicks, VSCO girls, and tacky tourists. We were excited to see the amount of participation in USA day, color wars, and black and gold day as well. We hope it was a fun time and that you continue to have the school spirit everyone had this homecoming week! We have more spirit weeks coming in the future, so stay tuned for details. 

The homecoming assembly took place on Thursday where we watched the powder-puff football game, and held activities for homecoming court. The “jeniors” won against the “freshmores” 12 to 6. Great job to Kirsten Motter for her two touchdowns, and also Eve Beuchat for her touchdown as well! Kirsten Motter said, “Playing in the game was definitely a lot of fun. At first, the underclassmen were winning, but we came back and I scored 12 points, so I’m glad we didn’t lose. It was a good time and for anyone who hesitated on signing up this year, do it next year, you won’t regret it!” Mr. Peterson said, “The game went well and Mr. Drake and I had a good time announcing. I also think the tug-of-war activity went well and it was great to see everyone getting the younger kids involved and having fun.”

The Friday night homecoming football game was against Cambridge Springs and we won 41 to 0. Our football players did an excellent job getting the win. Joey King stated, “The game was a success. It went very smooth and as planned. It was a good time. Coach Bork said, “The game went great. Just great.” The cheerleaders cheered their hearts out as always. Gabby Duke said, “The game was great and we were very proud of the team. JV cheered with Varsity for the first time and it went well. Our dance was a lot of fun and thankfully, nobody fell.” During half-time, our homecoming queen, Maggie Thomas, was crowned. “I was honored to be on homecoming court in general and I would have been happy for anyone on court to win. I was surprised when they announced my name as queen, but I was so excited and it made me feel special,” highlighted Maggie. 

Jordan Roser emphasized, “Being on homecoming court with some of my best friends, was a fun way to spend my last homecoming. The week was a little stressful being on both homecoming court and student council, but both of the games and the dance were worth the stress. Everything ended up being a success and lots of memories were made!”  Maggie also concluded that she, “had so much to do regarding the dance throughout the week being on student council. The week was stressful making sure everything was perfect, but we had a lot of fun in the meantime. I loved being on homecoming court and the assembly, along with the game and dance, was very fun.” Jenna Rubaker shared, “It was a lot of fun for my first year of homecoming. There were a lot more people and energy there than past dances I’ve been too. Overall, it was a good time!”



Airplane Errors

Airplanes are a common mode of transportation over large distances, but even these machines have issues such as the Boeing 747 Max failures in 2018. Evidence has been found that reports were made by the pilots of the two aircrafts in 2016, two years before the incident occurred. Boeing's chief technical pilot, Mark Forkner, told another pilot that the plane's maneuvering characteristics augmentation system (MCAS) was "running rampant in the sim on me, trimming itself crazy." 


The first incident occurred on Thursday, October 17, a plane crash occurred at Unalaska/Dutch Harbor Airport in Alaska, killing one passenger, critically injuring another, and leading ten others to need medical care. The plane overshot and ran off the runway, stopping just before plunging into the water. The plane was said to have been thrown past its expected landing area by high winds that the area had been receiving lately. 


The second accident was Saturday, October 19, a woman from Naples, Florida was on a private jet when a propeller cut her arm and foot off. There was a mechanical issue where it wouldn’t move, so the pilot went to check it out to see if the block was still under the wheels, and the passenger went out as well when the propeller struck her and severed her limbs. The cause of the plane not moving is still unknown. 


The third happened on November 9, 2014, a propeller was blown off a plane and went into the side and injured a passenger. The tire blew during take off, so they were making an emergency landing. They had a crash landing and the propeller came through and hit the passenger in the head. 

Although there have been all of these accidents, flying is still the safest mode of transportation, with a failure rate of one in eleven million. Don’t just rule out air transportation completely due to the stories, they are still the fastest and most reliable way of traveling, as proven by the fact that trains have a fatality rate 12 times over air transportation, according to fearofflyinganxiety.com .

-- The Woodshed Word --

Contributing Writer

Chad Robey 

Students in the Work Force (4)

On the cold and snow-filled day of November 15, IU5 held the next trip at Precision Manufacturing Institute (PMI), a trade school in Meadville. The student group was quickly separated into two groups; one conducted mock interviews and the others toured the building. 

The mock interviews were exactly what they sound like, including personal interviews highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each participant. This process allows the students to overcome their weaknesses for future opportunities. 

As the students walked around the facility, they witnessed the different machinery and observed the robots that the PMI students are “training”. After the tour, they were given a box of items and a mission: build a mousetrap from the items presented. Not all items were required to be used, but students couldn’t use foreign objects. Once the time was up, some teachers were announced as judges. After the challenge concluded, all groups were directed to the initial meeting room to listen to guest speakers.

Students were directed to stay and do a new challenge or go to the Acutec facility where the welding program is held.

At the welding room, the technical teacher and a PMI student provided a tour, showing the different types of welds possible. They showed the student’s welding cubicles, a variety of projects, and the different equipment used.

Back at the main building, the students were given the task of making the fastest and most durable windmill of any shape using a limited budget and limited items. There were allowed to use their creativity to make the design, but it had to be functional when the fan drove the propeller, sending electricity to the multimeter (a device that measures the voltage, current, and resistance). 

By the end of the day, everyone learned the skills needed for successful interviews and showcased their creativity in forms of challenges.

     -- The Woodshed Word Contributor --

                            Chad Robey

Endangered Species

Endangered species are defined as species of animals or plants that are at risk of extinction. Endangered Earth said, “There are now 41,415 species on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List, and 16,306 of them are endangered species threatened with extinction.” A species can be put on the endangered list for a multitude of different reasons. Some of these include, a total geographic area that is less than 5,000 km2, 50–70% population decrease over 10 years, and is its population size is less than 2,500 adults. If a species surpasses any one of these, it is put on the endangered species list.
In 1973, Congress created the successful Endangered Species Act. “It represents a commitment by the American people to work together to protect and restore those species most at risk of disappearing forever.” Said the Endangered Species Coalition. Numerous things are being done to help bring populations of species back up to a healthy rate, such as, restoring and protecting habitats of endangered species, reducing wildlife threats that can lead to the endangerment and extinction of species, and breeding animals in captivity to monitor their health and offspring. The Endangered Species Act is proving to be extremely successful with a success rate of 99 percent. Without the Act, scientists have estimated that nearly 230 species would have gone extinct. 
It is a great feat every time a species is taken off of the IUCN Red List and is no longer on the track of extinction. Animals are being helped every day, with researchers working to prevent species from going extinct. The things that have been, and still are, working to save endangered animals are helping our world greatly, and preserving the life and beauty of our Earth.

--The Woodshed Word Contributing Writer--
                            Kaitlyn Schutz

 Effects of Pollution

Humans' effects on the Earth have heightened over the past few decades, tremendously. Over 14 billion pounds of trash are dumped into the oceans every year, Scientists estimate, which translates to about 36 million pounds of trash every day. If our world keeps following this trend, the trash will continue to pollute the land and our oceans, until eventually killing all of the animals, including humans.

Beginning, even if you don’t realize it, you generate a lot of trash every day, which could potentially make its way into the oceans. The Guardian, a British daily news site, states, “Outdoor pollution has risen 8% in five years…” If this percentage continues to rise, our world will be harmed, greatly. Limiting the amount of trash you create every day can help the Earth immensely, even if it might seem otherwise. A few things can be done to help the trash problem, such as bringing your cup and straw to the coffee shop, shopping at a zero-waste store, recycling paper and other materials you may not be recycling already, and even creating a compost bin to fertilize plants. These are simple, easy, and effective ways to exercise our planet flourish once again. 

However, not everything relating to helping our Earth revolves around trash made. For example, you can cut down on energy use by turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, or use CFL, or compact fluorescent lamps. Wheels For Wishes, says, “CFL bulbs can last more than five times longer and use much less electricity than regular incandescent light bulbs.” The bulbs are also lighter, meaning that you may be able to use fewer lamps which also cuts down on energy use. Overall, CFL bulbs altogether a good choice. Some other ways to help the planet are to reduce water waste, such as taking shorter showers and limiting how many loads of laundry you do and to drive less. If you are traveling to the same place as your friends, ask to get a ride with one of them. This cuts down on fuel consumption and emissions of air pollution and greenhouse gases that may cause global warming.

As pointed out, many scientists' research points to the effects of our Earth being caused by humans. There are many easy, small things you can do to begin being more eco-friendly. It may not seem like your doings are having too much of an impact on the Earth, but, in the long run, they are. 

-- The Woodshed Word --

Contributing Writer

Kaitlyn Schutz

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

With the new school year unfolding, football is in full swing.  Returning coach Bryan Borkovich says the main goal with his current team is to win regions and playoffs. Varsity has a smaller team to work with this year but they are still going strong! With such low numbers, it’s vital the team stays healthy.  Borkovich declares, “Winning isn’t for everybody,” but they are going to take it one week at a time and see where this season takes them. The Tigers are ranked first in the region and third in the district. The coach exclaims that the players are all very athletic and fast this year and he is “excited that the season is here.” Senior varsity football star and quarterback JD McFadden says that his main goal is to work as a team, win regions, and District 10. He's also looking forward to Reynolds on the 20th. McFadden knows they have a very strong team that has played together since seventh grade showing lots of true leadership.  Some of the major challenges McFadden believes they deal with is public adversity and arguments between teammates. Next up, senior football player Bryan Kelly, defensive end and left tackle, states that his main goals are also to win regions and districts, as well, and to dominate in the Reynolds game. Kelly is thrilled that all of the seniors have returned this year to keep the momentum going and says that even though MHS may have a bad reputation, it is being overcome with discipline and hard work.

 Not always in the spotlight, but equally important are our spirited MHS cheerleaders who provide the heart and soul behind our Tiger team.  Cheerleading assistant coach, Debbie McPherson, is excited to welcome their brand new head coach, Amanda Hollabough. Their goals for the season are to be drama free and have a very safe season with no injuries. Highlights of the season will be community night and the homecoming football game. McPherson remarks that every cheerleader is very talented but one of the biggest challenges for the team was the coach leaving and getting a new one. Varsity senior cheerleader Lauryl Oakes is looking forward to senior night and graduating. She reports that some of the challenges are communication and getting along with teammates. Senior varsity cheerleader Hannah Shartle also says she is looking forward to the homecoming football game. She is excellent at flying during routines and she is looking forward to getting closer to teammates. The whole team seems to be buzzing with energy as the season continues.

Our Friday night football games would not be complete without the “hopping” sounds of our very own marching band.  Mr. Gardner, the enthusiastic band director, states that his goals for the season are quality experience and working on becoming better musicians.  Sadly the band can’t compete this year because all of the seniors from last year have graduated and the band is very low in numbers as a result. That band has three shows they are participating in,  including General McLane, Maplewood home show and Meadville. Mr. Gardner announced that he has very good kids who work as hard as they can but he is still looking for more people! He is very proud of the kids who have stuck with it because it shows a lot of integrity. Senior band student since the seventh grade, Hannah Davis, says she’s really disappointed she’s not going to be competing this year but she’s still excited for the season. She’s looking forward to their home game and the Meadville show. The band is comprised of a lot of young students and only two seniors this year.  They are all working hard together and are very confident in pursuing their goals. 

Hopefully all of you students and community members can make it to some of the games this season to watch the athletic talent of these Tigers.

   --  The Woodshed Word Contributor --

                         Miranda Titus 

E-cigs? E-nough!

Everyone’s heard of e-cigs, right? Well, have you heard the truth behind these new mystery machines? When the devices were first introduced to the public, there was a big concern about them exploding in people’s faces and giving them extreme burns. These devices work by heating up a flavored liquid to make a mist in which you then inhale, or “vape”. These liquids usually contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive, highly dangerous killing machine. This drug is added for people who search for a “buzz” from the electronic. Due to this, this item has been classified as a tobacco product, according to the FDA, who in fact does not approve of them. There are also e-cigs available that do not contain any nicotine. Sounds safe, right? Well, think again. These are just as dangerous, due to the fact that these flavors break up easily in the stomach, they do not do the same in the respiratory tract. When tested with the humans’ blood cells, a number of e-liquid flavoring chemicals caused high levels of cell stress or death. This proves how bad they are, since dead immune cells can’t go fight infection. They tested and showed that heating each flavoring in an e-cigarette created harmful levels of molecules that can damage cells. What’s more, mixing two or more flavors together caused even higher levels of these damaging molecules than did heating each on its own. This suggests that breathing in multiple e-liquid flavors could be more dangerous than exposure to just one at a time, as tested by sciencenewforstudents.org. You may think that all this is bad enough, but it gets even worse. For growing kids and pregnant women, it delays growth of the child and can even kill them! It delays the development of the brain and the body, and will destroy the lungs and heart. The side effects are uncharted, but many believe that they are caused by black market pods, or they may be a fail in the product. CNN has announced yet another death caused by this product, and New York has gone so far as to ban sale on all flavors. So much is unknown about these mysterious devices, and there is still so much left to learn. As long as they are around, nobody’s safe.

               -- The Woodshed Word --

                             Chad Robey 

Schooling Options of Today 

With technology advancing and times changing, it is becoming easier to find the schooling program to fit your needs. Beyond cyber school and public school, there is also traditional homeschooling. Even though there are obvious differences between the three programs, there are also many pros and cons to each of them.

First of all, one of the most popular schooling programs is normal public school. Although many students dread waking up early to come to school and sit in a room for hours while the teacher lectures, there are many benefits to it. On the social factor, public school ranks the highest. Seeing and interacting with hundreds of other teenagers five days out of the week, really brings about benefits to your social health and social skills. Another perk of the public school system is that the students have greater time management skills. Having an enforced, physical due date for projects really helps students manage their time. They have to figure out how to keep up with sports, while studying, and making sure their upcoming projects are ready to be turned in. When having minimal time in class to work on assignments and many other different classes with the same amount of work, it can become a very stressful day. Despite these challenges, the majority of students find a way to make their schedules work while managing time to play sports, attend jobs, and keep up with their social lives.

Cyber School is another popular schooling system with a lot of new online programs being created and making it easier for people to attend. The disadvantages of cyber school include being secluded from real students, other than the students you can communicate through email, not being able to get an immediate answer from your teacher, and not having as strict of a schedule. Although that could be a plus, many students need a set schedule or they won’t get their work done to the best of their ability or on time. Some benefits include more time for studying and sports, and being able to customize your schedule to your needs. Not all classes are offered at all times in public school, so having a couple more choices for your classes and when to take them, can help students choose classes that they like, and can correspond with their future job choices.

The last well-known schooling method is traditional homeschooling. Among the other two types of school, homeschooling has the most laid back and customizable schedules. Being able to choose which classes you want to do and when, with the exception of the core classes, really helps students feel less overwhelmed and can help enhance their learning ability. Cyber school programs are somewhat customizable, but if you want to interact with the teacher, you have to do that class at a certain time, whereas with traditional homeschooling, your schedule is completely customizable. Along with cyber school, homeschooling also has social disadvantages because you are secluded from most teenagers, and don’t get that much interaction with other kids. You can, however, opt to attend a co-op a couple times a week, which allows you to go to different life skills classes, and interact with other teenagers.

With these three options of schooling available, it makes it easier for many children and teenagers to pick one that they will enjoy and will help their learning abilities soar.


Key Club at MHS

High schools all around the world offer a string of different activities and clubs to the students that attend. Students can then join these clubs to partake in the fun, informative, and engaging activities that interest them. One of the most popular clubs among high schools is Key Club. Mrs. Hornaman, an English teacher here at Maplewood, runs Maplewood’s Key Club group. She has been the club's faculty advisor since Maplewood Key Club was founded in December of 2015.
First of all, what is Key Club? Mrs. Hornaman said this, “Key Club is a high school club that embraces community service and volunteerism.” The club is a great way to get together with other students, serve the community, and learn leadership skills along the way. Every Key Club is sponsored by a Kiwanis club. “Key Club has a global reach with over 1,000 clubs in more than 38 countries.” Mrs. Hornaman stated. Key Club is involved in a variety of different activities such as adopt-a-highway roadside cleanups, making Christmas cards for the Wesbury Senior Care Center, and other small projects that benefit the school. Mrs. Hornaman sounded particularly excited for some of the upcoming projects saying this, “Our upcoming events include the Cambridge Springs Halloween Parade event where members will serve doughnuts and cider to children and families of the community…our annual Pancake Breakfast event at the Active Aging center in Meadville (coordinating with the Meadville Kiwanis group)…wrapping donated gifts for families in the Venango area at Christmastime…and helping the local Meadville Families First Head Start get ready for their annual inspection…” Even if you might not particularly find interest in every activity, you’re certain to find one you like through the diversity of the projects.
Another thing Key Club does is to elect class officers. Sophomore, Liliane Moorhead, joined Key Club when she was in ninth grade and was elected Vice President. Some of the jobs of the Vice President are keeping the Key Club social media updated, planning service projects, and running the meetings if the President, Lily Bulman, is unavailable. Liliane says, “I mostly joined Key Club because the Bulmans were both officers at the time and we were really good friends…It is so beneficial to join. You make so many great memories and friends along the way. You get such a great feeling after you do something to help your community.” Another thing Liliane mentioned is that Key Club offers a lot of scholarship options and looks great on your resume.
If you are looking to get involved somewhere in your community but don’t know how to, you should check out Key Club. It is a great way to interact with other students, serve the community, and have fun doing it.

    -- The Woodshed Word Contributor --
                           Kaitlyn Schutz


Vaping Victims

In the 21st century, the number of vaping victims have grown tremendously, killing several and hospitalizing hundreds. To stop this addiction, there are some ways to help, such as developing new coping mechanisms, speaking with a psychiatrist, and participating in a number of programs.

To begin with, in 2015, vaping was trending and ever since then, people have been left on bad terms. It is better off to quit, but of course, it isn’t that simple. Therefore, there is a way for getting your mind off of vaping such as relying on better coping mechanisms. Many teens have symptoms of depression and anxiety, but other than vaping, there are healthier ways to cope with these personal issues. For example, exercising or participating in a hobby you’re interested in is a healthier outlet. Your actions can precisely change your decisions and can most likely save your life.  

In addition to healthier coping mechanisms, having a psychiatrist or therapist can help you mentally stop vaping. Sometimes having someone there to help you through your progress and listen to your personal problems can make a big difference in the right direction. Therefore, discussing the main reason of how and why the habit started can reduce your ways and will most likely will convert your bad habits into good ones. To continue, there are six types of therapy that are recommended to those in need. The six types include cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, psychodynamic therapy, art therapy, and psychoeducation. To read more about these types of therapy, click on the links provided. 

Other than the six types of therapy, there are plenty of programs that are useful to end the habits of vaping. The programs BecomeAnEX, This is Quitting, and Exprogram are well-known programs that proceed to help teens stop smoking. Therefore, contacting these programs gives teens a higher chance of living and become more successful in their lives.

To wrap up, from coping mechanisms and psychiatrists to programs, don’t add to the number of teens risking their lives and maybe think about your choices.

Website sources; truthinitiative.com and abcnews.go.com

-- The Woodshed Word Contributor --

                         Jenna Rubaker

Fall Sports Senior Nights

Senior year is often bittersweet. This is the year where students are excited to graduate, yet they are also sad to be having all of their “lasts”. Sports are a big part of many students’ high school careers, and fall sports for the 2019-2020 school year are unfortunately coming to an end. 
The football team played against Union City for their senior night. The game went really well and we won 34-8. It was a great win for the boys and they played their hearts out for their last home game. Senior Bryan Kelly highlighted, “We started the game out pretty rough at first because we didn’t have our heads in the game. We ended the first half at 12-8. We came out the second half scoring the rest of our points. Our defense was great and we didn’t let them get any inside runs which helped us win.” He also stated that “All the seniors and I are sad because we’ve played football together for such a long time and we don’t want the season to end but, we are excited to see where it takes us.” Jd McFadden said, “I’m sad that I’m a senior, and I’m going to miss my teammates most of all.” The team definitely won’t be the same without them next season. 
During the game, the cheerleaders did new and exciting stunts that went very well. Hannah Shartle, a senior cheerleader said, “I’m going to miss the people who cheered with me for football. I still have one season left for wrestling cheer, so the feeling of being a senior and not cheering again hasn’t actually hit me yet.” 
Although the band is really small this year, they never fail to put on a great show during our football games. The last home game went smoothly and the band put on a wonderful performance one last time on the field. Jessica Schmid took on the big role of being the drum major this season. She said, “It was a sad but bittersweet night for everyone. We had a very good performance and it was most definitely a high point in our season. I’m excited to move forward, but I’m sad at the same time because I’m going to be leaving all of my band members, friends, and teachers.”
Girls Soccer’s senior night will be on October 15th against Union City. Be there to support the team, it’s going to be a good one! Hope Fink said, “I’m going to miss playing on the field in general. Sadly, I can’t play my senior night because of my concussion, but I still wish the team the best of luck. Soccer is so much fun, I’ll miss playing with and being on the team.”
Girls volleyball played Lakeview on their senior night. The game went well and the girls swept them in three. Maggie Thomas said, “I’m really going to miss my team and the atmosphere of high school volleyball.” 
    We are very proud of all the sports teams this year, and all of the seniors will surely be missed next season!


        -- The Woodshed Word Contributor --

                          Kimmi O'Rourke