Student Council

Student Council is a group of students from different grades who help to make changes with the school to make it better for the students. The Student Council does many things to help like working at the dances, making flyers for upcoming events, deciding to buy new materials, improving the school, and host the homecoming activities and events each fall.

2018 - 19 Officers:

Governor - Summer Mitchell

Lt. Governor-  Sophie Varndell

Secretary - Joel Ploski

Treasurer - Kelis Joliet

Advisor: Mr. Eisert


Members:  Joel Ploski, Cheyanne K., Charlie Robey, Lilian Moorhead, Jordyn Ploski, Breanna Heme, Hailee Devore, Sophie Varndell, Summer Mitchell, Mackenzie Hill, Arilyn Hicks, Kelis Joliet, Meghan Kennedy, Brier Kicher, Jesse Parker, Elis Peterson, Alma Richardson, Isabelle Snyder, Kaysea Thomas, Gabby Duke, Allora McCarl, Danielle Richardson, Alex Hyde