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Although we did not see the typical MHS send off for our state-level winners, Maplewood recently had two students who earned a third place win at Hershey’s USA Skills Competition held at the beginning of April.  Brody Price and Camden Mattocks are two seniors from our very own Woodshed who claimed an impressive state title and deserve considerable recognition for their efforts and achievements.


The competition began back at the district level where Brody and Camden, along with their other teammates from the vo-tech center, Chad Jones and Logan Bill, snagged first place.  This competition provides vo-tech students an opportunity to compete in various shops they participate in throughout the vocational program. Brody stated that he only decided to enter the competition so it would look good on his resume; he never thought for a minute that he and his team would actually win.  However, he admits that winning was actually pretty cool, especially since it came along with many perks, including an all-expense paid trip where his hotel, travel expenses, and meals were picked up by the vo-tech, thanks to the fundraising the tech students participated in throughout the year.


Their Harrisburg journey began on April 11th with a relaxed trip to the city, and once April 12th began, it was crunch time.  The students were required to build a 6X8 mini-house on a block foundation, including proper plumbing and electrical work. Other people in the competition teased them a bit since Brody and Camden’s team lacked skilled students in masonry and plumbing, however, even though their team worked a little slower within the two-day timeframe, it made the final win a little more rewarding.  Then, it was our boys with the last laugh.


Along with the laughter and the memories, each team member walked away with a $1000 scholarship to Penntech.  However, since Brody is currently in the co-op program working at Wesbury as a carpenter and will gain full time employment upon graduation, including benefits and a 401K retirement plan, he does not intend on enrolling in Penntech anytime soon.  He said he doesn’t see the point since he already earned all of the required certificates through the vo-tech program. In response, an MHS teacher mentioned that Brody not only received these certificates, but he is one of vo-tech’s top students, earning straight A’s and B’s throughout the entire year.  She said it was great that they worked so hard and never gave up even though other teams were supposed to be better prepared; Brody and Camden’s team ended up placing third in the entire state which is incredible.


Likewise, Camden does not plan on utilizing the scholarship either, but is grateful that he not only won the competition, but gained all of the experience along the way.  His future is still undecided at the moment, and he’s tossing around ideas surrounding the biology or environmental programs offered at Allegheny; that is, if he doesn’t join the workforce right after graduation.  Camden’s advice to young students who are contemplating the vo-tech path, is that if, “You have any inkling you’d like to go, do it. It’s been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I’ve learned so much and had so many opportunities I would have not had otherwise.   I’ve been able to go to several conferences over the years , meeting new people from all over the state. The knowledge I’ve gained through tech is priceless.”


We wish these fine gentlemen the best of luck as their future awaits, and we congratulate them with sincerity and enthusiasm on their third place victory.  For more information about all of the opportunities offered through the Crawford County Career and Technical Center, see Mrs. Horstein or visit   


Amber B heading to All-State Chorus

We wish Amber B. the very best as she heads to All-State Chorus!  

Congratulations to Maud Bulman for being nominated “Distinguished President” for Maplewood Key Club.  The role of Key Club president is one of the most critical roles of Key Club. This position is vital to the club’s success.  Intense dedication is needed to run club meetings, create club services, and maintain club communication. Key Club president plays the part of visionary, delegator, problem solver, motivator, and organizer.  Maud achieved all these roles on a stellar level. MHS Key Club will miss her as she moves on to college next year.

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